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Hurdles or challenge?

It is very difficult to change processes that have been developed over years and decades and to embrace new methods. When we built the first WMT, this development was met with great skepticism on many sides. But it works, and it works very well.

Is serial construction something for us?

If you want to construct modern and profitable properties, you should take a look at the WMT.

Of course, some questions arise. How extensive are the changes for your company exactly?

Areas of application

What kind of objects do you specialize in? Is it worthwhile to implement these construction projects with the WMT? In which projects does the “Toaster” show its strengths particularly well?


Many construction companies have outsourced a lot. Architects, structural engineers, and even the construction crews are often subcontractors. Does the acquisition of the WMT create new and further dependencies?


The purchase of a WMT is an investment in machine technology to increase the speed of the construction process, among other things. What exactly do you need, what do you save instead?

Employees point to the wall toaster
Production list from control software WMTplus
Staircase to the WMT M7
ready produced concrete wall is pulled out of the WMT
Spacer for different wall sizes

A "toaster" for everything?

The WMT wall module toaster can best show its strengths in somewhat larger real estate projects, such as multi-family housing, commercial properties or residential homes. Shell constructions from 15-20 residential units can be supplied very well with a WMT. We have constructed a student housing complex with around 120 apartments, 10 construction workers, and a WMT. You can see examples of already realized objects in the references.
Of course, the “toaster” can also produce the walls of single-family homes, but the assembly and disassembly would not be worth it here. In these cases, we recommend that the walls be manufactured in WMT and transported to the construction site.

New dependencies?

In our “nobis living concept”, the integral building system for the creation of affordable housing, we encourage people to think about insourcing. We have had very good experience with it. Make yourself independent of external offices. A small number of employees, but perfectly trained in integral construction, will significantly increase the efficiency of your company and reduce planning and material costs.

An example: Our own structural engineer received a project from a planning office and adapted it to serial construction with the WMT. The scope of planning has decreased over 90%! This also results in major savings on the materials required.

Use our service and let us train your internal or external structural engineers!

Prefabricated walls from the machine

The unpleasant thing right at the beginning: Switching to serial building with the WMT (wall module toaster) costs money. You invest in machine technology. For this purpose, wall fabrication with the WMT requires a construction crane to lift the walls out of the “toaster” and place them in the designated position in the shell construction.

On the other hand, you achieve significant speed advantages in shell construction. And with fewer employees. They operate more sustainably and transparently. In addition, you have less waste on the construction site.

You build more sustainably with the WMT and save CO2. Therefore, you can get up to 40% of the purchase cost of the WMT subsidized.

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