Facts and figures

The following figures are based on our own experience and operating procedures. We have already been working according to our construction system since 2017 and have continued to optimize the processes and people for the most economical operation.

Wall production

Final assembly

Material savings

CO2 resources

Figures from 2022

Sample calculations and CO2 savings

The figures given are intended as an assistance and should give you the opportunity to make your own calculations based on the transparent presentation.

In addition to the cost aspects, the time benefits should also be taken into account. In order to minimize dependencies, our company has its own inloader trailer and a 60t crane at the production site. This allows us to achieve maximum flexibility and keep the added value in-house.

With regard to the assembly times given, it should be noted that not only the shell construction is included. The times also include the casting of the floor slab, the installation of the stairs, the suspended ceiling, the elevator shaft, and the prefabricated bathroom. Initial experience with a WMT customer shows that 1-3 projects must be completed in order to work similarly efficiently.

Final assembly

Apartment house with 6 residential units

The following figures refer to an apartment building with 6 residential units.

Base plate and shell construction with 3 employees 540 working hours
incl. Bathroom, stairs, elevator shaft, unfinished roof
Seal wall & ceiling joints with 2 employees 160 working hours

For the first floor, this example results in an increase in area of 5.2%, without taking into account the technical room (here 2.7 m²).

CO2 and resource savings with the WMT WallModuleToaster

Calculation of CO2 savings through the use of WMT wall module modular toaster technology at a fixed production

Resource Saving Total percentage
Wall thickness – WMT 8,00 cm 15,00 cm 20,00 cm
Wall thickness – conventional 11,50 cm 17,50 cm 24,00 cm
Savings 30,43 % 14,29 % 16,67 %
Consumption concrete – conventional 3.462.305 kg 5.268.725 kg 7.225.680 kg 15.956.710 kg 100%
Consumption concrete WMT 2.408.560 kg 4.516.050 kg 6.021.400 kg 12.946.010 kg 81%
Wall m² / year 13.090 13.090 13.090 39.270
Consumption steel conventional 255.910 kg 389.428 kg 534.073 kg 1.179.411 kg 100%
Consumption steel WMT 52.360 kg 65.450 kg 71.995 kg 189.805 kg 16%
Saving steel 203.550 kg 323.978 kg 462.078 kg 989.606 kg 84%
Concrete saving 1.053.745 kg 752.675 kg 1.204.280 kg 3.010.740 kg 19%
Resource Saving Total percentage
CO2 emission so far 770.364 kg 1.172.293 kg 1.607.717 kg 3.550.374 kg 100%
CO2 emission “Toaster” 261.686 kg 419.250 kg 525.675 kg 1.206.610 kg 34%
Savings CO2 per year 508.678 kg 753.044 kg 1.082.042 kg 2.343.764 kg 66%

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