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Your WMT package

Already with the WMT Starter Set and a set of consumables you get everything you need for wall production.

The service packages around the WMT

The starter set, accessories and optional components, and extensive support

View into the chamber walls at the WMT M8

The WMT Starter Set

  • The WMT (wall module toaster) mobile precast plant with 10 wall compartments for the simultaneous production of 10 walls.
  • WMTplus production and control software
  • Material container with high power magnets
  • Edge formwork
  • Window formwork
  • Door formwork
  • Transportation pallets

The 15 transport pallets supplied are used to move the WMT to a new construction site. They also have a purpose outside of transportation: they serve as temporary storage for the manufactured concrete walls.

The WMT Consumables Set

  • Turnbuckles
  • Shaft anchor
  • Recessed body PE with magnet
  • Circular magnets
  • Spacers in various sizes
  • Wire binding machine
  • Vibratory Compressor
The WMT for concrete wall production with wall lengths up to 3m

incl. WMTplus for

Quantity determination

Production plan and overview

Logistics overview


The Starter Set includes extensive training and product instructions. This will enable your production team to effectively implement your next projects. The assembly of the mobile WMT wall module toaster is also part of this instruction.

In addition, we are available as a coaching partner to help you get started with WMT. From construction site planning, construction site logistics (e.g. mobile crane), or initial building planning to transport logistics, material logistics and proven suppliers to the nobis living concept: the nobis living support team is at your side.

Escape ladder on WMT M8
Safety bars for the filled wall chambers
stored concrete walls on transport pallet
Pallet distribution in the production software

Optional accessories

WMT accessories for winter use

We recommend this winter package for faster setting of the concrete at outside temperatures below 10°C. In this way, you maintain your “normal” production speed even in winter. It includes:

  • Wall heaters for the 10 chamber walls (individually controllable)
  • Heating center for the heating fluid
  • Protective tarpaulin as enclosure
  • Moveable roof

WMT accessories bearing bracket

Not always the walls can be immediately inserted into the shell construction. In this accessory you store the walls stably and safely.

  • Storage trestle for temporary storage of up to 50 walls
  • Stamp for fixation

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