We have realized these and other buildings in serial construction with the WMT and its technology.

Two versions available

The right WMT (wall module toaster) for every requirement

The WMT produces walls with a height of 2.70 m in the standard M7 and M8 versions. The maximum length of the walls produced is 7 metres for the WMT M7 and 8 metres for the M8 version.

The WMT M7 can be used, for example, to manufacture apartment buildings and dormitories.
The M8 with its wall length of max. 8 m is also very suitable for the construction of hotels, larger commercial properties, and senior living homes. Contact us with your portfolio to find out which WMT is right for you. Both models can be equipped with a weather protection roof and winter package.

If you need higher walls, please contact us and we will make the appropriate WMT for you (e.g. with wall heights of 3 or 4m). For protective walls or halls, turn the walls by 90° and get prefabricated walls with 7 m or 8 m height, depending on the WMT model!

Shell construction of a student housing building

  • Year of construction 2023
  • 7 months construction time for the shell construction
  • 117 housing units
  • 9 employees on the construction site incl. WMT personnel and crane operators
Shell of student dormitory
First floor shell, second construction phase
Student dormitory insertion of a prefabricated staircase
Student dormitory shell
In construction phase 2 the first walls are erected

Multi-family houses

  • Year of construction 2021
  • 2 properties with 15 and 6 apartments
  • Construction time for both turnkey buildings approx. 1 year
  • All our properties are equipped with photovoltaic systems and heat pumps
Exterior design of an apartment building
Apartment house with 6 residential units
Front view with entrance
serially built apartment house with 15 residential units

Object gallery

These buildings were also realized in serial construction with the WMT (Wall Module Toaster). Please remember that the interior, exterior and facade design is completely up to you and is independent of the construction method. Design your properties in the way that best suits your marketing needs.
If you have any questions about serial construction with the WMT or one of these properties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Shell construction of a 6-family house in 24 days in the video

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